In-Floor Heating

Bathroom Heated Flooring

No one likes stepping out of a nice, hot shower onto an icy cold floor.  Tiled bathroom floors are beautiful and durable, but they can be unwelcoming to your feet when they are cold. 

With radiant heated floors you can kiss cold floors goodbye.  Tile is a good conductor of heat, so when you add a radiant heat system to your bathroom floors, the tile does a good job of carrying the warmth and comfort to your feet.  We proudly install warmup floor heating systems; the premier manufacturer of easy-to-install electric floor heating systems.  Call us at 732.228.4555 to learn more about the latest in mat and cable floor heating systems.

Bring the Soothing Comfort of Radiant Heat Floors to your Bathroom!

You can count the reasons to have Gold Standard bring radiant heat floors to your bathroom on the 5 little toes of your foot:

  1. Natural Comfort – Like the rays of the sun, radiant heat creates a more even heat because it heats objects directly rather than indirectly by heating the air first.  Also, your feet serve as a temperature gauge for your whole body.  If the air is warm in your bathroom, but your feet are cold – then you feel cold.  But when your feet fell warm, it makes your whole body more warm and comfortable.
  2. Energy Efficiency – Radiant heat is the most efficient type of heat and requires less time, energy, and costs than other heating systems.   This is because it heats the floor directly and does not waste energy heating other areas or surfaces.
  3. Flexibility and Control – With heated tile floors, you have the flexibility to turn the heat on only when it is needed and then turn it back off.  Most kits include a thermostat and a timer that allows a start an stop time to be set such as warm up the floor at 6:30 am and then turn it off at 8:30 am.
  4. Affordability – For a small area in a bathroom such as around the master bath, an electric mat under the tile floor provides an efficient and cost effective way to warm up a cold tile floor.  Call us today to see how reasonable heated flooring can be.
  5. Ease of Installation – a tile and flooring expert like Gold Standard can readily manage the entire installation process whether it is a new heated tile floor installation or a retro-fit.  While this is a straight forward project for an experienced professional, it is important to select an installer with a proven track record installing radiant heat floors since the installation may involve the removal of old tile, setting up an electrical supply, installing the heating mat and control system, preparing the flooring and laying new tile.
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