Kitchen Backsplash

We use top-quality materials, so your kitchen backsplash will look as amazing years from now as it does when we finish the job.



Installing a kitchen backsplash is something that can be challenging even for a tile layer who has installed floors for decades. It takes a different skillset entirely when working on a vertical surface. A poorly installed kitchen backsplash will be uneven and perhaps even have a sagging appearance. Considering how many of the materials used for a kitchen backsplash are more costly than flooring tiles, it makes sense to not want to have it ripped out and start over. In order to avoid this costly mishap, call us at Gold Standard.

We have over 20 years of experience with every type of tile installation there is. We take meticulous care with every job, but especially enjoy the creative nature of doing a kitchen backsplash. We believe you’ll be able to tell our passion when you see the results. Our dedication to your 100% satisfaction means we never sub out the work, and we leave your home clean when we are finished.

We believe one of our best traits is our communication skills. We make sure your wants and needs are clearly understood before we start your kitchen backsplash, and we are more than happy to answer your questions during the project and beyond.

We use top-quality materials, including the setting materials you don’t see, so your kitchen backsplash will look as amazing years from now as it does when we finish the job. We want to be the ones you call when you choose to remodel again a decade or more from now when styles have changed, not because the tile failed. Let us help you plan the beautiful kitchen backsplash of your dreams. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation.

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