Tub To Shower Conversions

Tub To Shower Conversions

Convert Your Existing Bathroom Tub Into A Brand New Work of Art!

While numerous bathroom remodeling services focus on refining the appearance of a space, tub-to-shower conversion projects can make bathrooms both safer and better looking. Replacing your old and hard to access bathroom tub with a sleek and manageable bathroom shower can make your home extra functional and more eye-pleasing in just a few short days – and our bathroom remodel team can guarantee that your newly-enhanced shower will last for the long-haul!

You Will Love the Changes to Your Bathroom

After our bathroom experts switch out clunky barrier tubs for spacious (and affordable) new bathroom showers, homeowners will notice immediate benefits. No matter what your physical abilities are, you’ll now be able to enjoy your bathroom with a real sense of  safety:

Step (or roll) straight into the water.  Forget dangerous balancing acts in your bathroom while climbing over obstructive walls

Enjoy a sit-down on a custom corner chair rather than dealing with the immersion pool of the tub in your old bathroom


Have a much lower risk of slipping on wet surfaces in your bathroom

Once you experience the convenience of a newly-converted shower in your bathroom, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice and can relax knowing you’ve let New Jersey and New York’s premiere bathroom remodeling team back the job with a 100% quality guarantee. If you’re ready to explore your tub to shower conversion options, contact us right away. Our expert bathroom remodeling team will help you find the right pricing options, customization features, and flexible schedules.

We can complete most bathroom remodeling projects in only a few working days*, and we will take special care to ensure that the area is clear of debris, vacuumed and ready for use within twenty-four hours of completion.

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